International Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training Course

As a leading Montessori teacher training institute in Kolkata International Training Academy offering a Montessori teacher training course which is based on the famous “Montessori Method of education”. As a international Montessori teacher training institute we always try to deliver authentic training to each of our students.

About the Course

The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. The Montessori Method is now being successfully implemented in schools in nearly every country of the world.

Her clinical observation of children helped her understand that the children learn from the environment in which they find themselves. Hence, she developed such materials which could be used by children to learn naturally. According to Montessori, learning is a ‘self – directed’ process that is based on some fundamental laws of human nature. The children can learn by themselves in the presence of a suitable environment and the adult’s role is to provide children with such an environment and to keep intact. The Montessori Method gives a lot of freedom to the child to utilize their own observation and skills to learn new things.

It helps the child to become self-sufficient and independent. Montessori Method of education basically fosters and emphasizes the children’s natural drive to learn by providing them a “prepared environment” completely suited for the different stages of development. Montessori Method of teaching is unique as the teacher plays the role of a guide helping the children with their own research and exploration of a subject based on their own interests. It is the duty of a Montessori teacher to lead the children towards independence and self-discipline. Therefore, it is very important that the teachers pursue a Montessori course before venturing into Montessori teaching. Moreover, a Montessori teacher needs to cultivate the qualities of patience and restraint.

Course duration: The maximum duration of the course is 220 hours which covers a period of 10 months.The flexibility to finish it in a shorter span of time is also available. For further guidance kindly get in touch with the admission’s department.

Eligibility criteria: Minimum qualification 10+2 or Higher Secondary passed


  • Homemakers – Who are efficient and seek to begin your career as a pre & primary teachers in schools.
  • Career changers – Switching careers from hard core corporate world to this extremely rewarding profession as corporate world demands long working hour and the immense pressure hinders people from maintaining a balance between their professional life and personal life.
  • Active teachers – Teachers are responsible for creating and enhancing the knowledge base in society. They have a big influence on the younger generation’s capacity to face future challenges. So it is of utmost importance for them, to keep developing and upgrading their teaching technology to suit the generation-next learners and the evolving education system.
  •  Entrepreneurs – Planning to start a new school will find this course extremely useful for developing their Educational leadership roles, Crisis and Disaster Management and for addressing issues related to Administration and Academics.
  • Aspiring teachers – Who believe that they can make a difference in the lives of children and can inspire them to show the possibilities of life, with love, care and guide them in their wonderful journey called “LIFE”.
  • Admission letter and call
  • Course material
  • Teaching assignments

Module 1: Dr. Maria Montessori’s Philosophy

Module 2: Principles of Education

Module 3: Child Psychology

Module 4:Methods for the Teaching of Reading and Writing

Module 5: EPL (Exercises of practical Life)

Module 6: Sensorial

Module 7: Importance of teaching Mathematics in Montessori

Module 8: Language and Story Telling in Montessori

Module 9: Music, Movement & Art

Module 10:Maintaining Discipline in the Classroom.

Module 11: Yoga and Nutrition

Module 12:  Importance of teaching Computers

  1. Online/ E-Learning Mode
  2. Distance Learning Mode
  3. Regular (In class)

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