Mindhour is a STRICTLY SYLLABUS BASED Platform for classes 6th- 10th , Boards - CBSE|ICSE.

Mindhour helps children in following ways :

1. Designed like a Game - Mindhour Reduces the Burden as it makes the School Syllabus Interesting and Rewarding. The child Learns at his Own speed as it is Adaptive.

2. Saves time for the child by helping him identify the exact weak areas through its In-Depth Reports. The child needs to work only on his weak areas rather than studying everything all over again.

3. Ensures better Concept Clarity through Learning Videos on every Chapter- Easy & Fast Memorizing | Longer Retention | Proper Application.

4. A Child can clear ALL his doubts and queries ,Unlimited Number of times, from our experienced teachers and subject experts which ensures his improvement in school exams.

5. Generates Self- Interest in a Child to study through its attractive GIFT STORE. The Child gets FREE gifts from Mindhour by exchanging points which he has earned through various learning activities